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What is Power Room?

Live - Scottsdale, AZ

June 4 - 6, 2023

Power Room is an exclusive mastermind for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Investors, operated by three managing partners who have driven change in multiple industries and operated those businesses at their peaks. The purpose of Power Room is to inspire, impact and influence leaders in their field. We accomplish that by putting people in the same room as those who are already seeing massive success and incredible growth in their own businesses and investments. The true power in our room comes when these individuals connect with each other and then drive their networks and net worth to a level they had not previously thought possible. Those connections and friendships truly allow everyone to grow their own empire.



Power Room Members Report $1.5 Billion in Consumer Transactions in 2021

With under 50% of our members reporting, members did nearly $1.5B in consumer transactions in 2021.

Power Room brings in elite speakers that cover a range of topics to inspire, impact and influence the leaders of today. We understand today’s climate and the importance of staying engaged and informed has never been as crucial as it is right now. Power Room is committed to putting those on stage that will challenge us at each and every event.

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