Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions is important to us.

When and where does the Power Room meet?
Powerful networking and discussion (the kind of interaction with other successful business owners that takes you to the next level) requires regular but not overbearing opportunities to get together. The Power Room meets four times per year at live 3-day events at convenient locations across the nation plus regular live virtual meetups. Come to all, or just the events you are able to attend…there is no pressure. APPLY NOW
How big does my business need to be?
We require that your business be established and generating revenue. All established businesses are welcome to apply. There are established and novice business owner opportunities. APPLY NOW
What type of businesses are in the group?
The Power Room has business CEOs, presidents, owners, founders, and entrepreneurs from many different industries. We have found that the industry diversity in the group is one of the key elements to the paradigm shifts that ignite new and innovative game-changing strategies. We have members catering to both B2C and B2B markets. APPLY NOW
How much is membership for the Power Room?
Many mastermind groups have exorbitant costs for their membership reaching into the six figures. The Power Room membership is only a five-figure investment per year and allows two partners from each business. Options for novice business owners are also available. APPLY NOW
Can I “test-drive” the Power Room?
We understand that you may want to experience the Power Room to see just how amazing membership can be for you and your business. We offer a few test-drive opportunities each year where you can come and experience everything Power Room. If you are accepted, please ask us about our test-drive. APPLY NOW
How do I know if the Power Room is for me?
Take a look around our website, watch the testimonial videos, and apply. If accepted, you can attend one of our events for a test-drive to see how valuable your membership can be. APPLY NOW